Friday, November 2, 2012

Needing to Roll Over Your 401k? Get Tips on How to Manage Your Retirement Assets.

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We recently published some new content to our personal finance help area at Our new section, devoted to 401k rollovers, but is also applicable to anyone that currently participates in one, is the result of our collaboration with an outside expert. Roy Bodinus is a registered investment advisor and one of the founding partners at CBG & Company, Inc., an Indianapolis-based company that specializes in financial planning for dentists in various markets throughout the United States. During his career in investment management, he has managed hundreds of millions in assets on behalf of his clients, and we are pleased to have him as a featured partner on our personal financial content development team.

[A group of frequently asked questions with answers can be found on the new section's main page.]

A Few of the 401k Rollover Subsections:
Investment Management Fees - Review an example of an ideal investment management fee structure and compare it with what you currently have in place for your retirement savings. In case you were wondering about what all of those fees are and what they are paid for, you can also review a fairly detailed descriptions of these fees.

Glossary of Related Investing Terms - Do you want to know the definition of a hedge fund? Or, have you heard about Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and wanted to know what effect it has on your investment strategy? Check out this page to get basic information on these terms, as well as other commonly used words that you may hear being tossed around by individuals that provide investment services to consumers.

Options for Rolling Over a 401k - Do you know what your options for rolling over your 401k are? Should you roll it into the plan of your new employer, cash it out, or roll it over into a new IRA? Review this information, so that you can make the best decision, that not only takes into account your current needs, but your retirement goals, as well.

In case any of the information, that is provided, is unclear and you still have questions, please feel free to interact with us and ask for help or more information on our social media accounts at: Google+, Twitter or Facebook. We love to receive your feedback!

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